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06-11-05, 06:07 PM
We battle against these beasts on two fronts: From our capital of Stormwind we fight them from the inside out and here, in the Burning Steppes, we take the battle to their doorstep. We must be vigilant, Sikosh. None should be spared our wrath as none of our own were spared when they struck at our homes and families.

Find this General Drakkisath and destroy him!

The task certainly will not be a simple one, but the rewards shall be extravagant.

And extravagant they were. The General fell before us today, under the might of 12 members of Fallen Legion.

Grats to Ed for BP, and Valy for the necklace.


Other drops include me picking up the Bloodmoon Cape ( http://www.thottbot.com/?i=10436 ), Safer picked up the Handcrafted Mastersmith Girdle ( http://www.thottbot.com/?i=9158) and Ed grabbed the Warmaster Legguards ( http://www.thottbot.com/?i=16549 ). Mytrel picked up Blackmist Armguards ( http://www.thottbot.com/?i=19257 ) and the Shadowcraft Belt ( http://www.thottbot.com/?i=21365 ), whilst Skaloo dropped constantly throught the whole raid. Get some more HP ffs.

06-11-05, 06:56 PM
Stop showing me dead ffs, like that was something that happens often !

07-11-05, 01:58 PM
Nice work! Keep it up! :)

Skaly you die very often ? :( haha ;)



08-11-05, 10:30 AM
I generally don't die that much, but on this run, that was... amazing :lol:
(about 7-8 times I'd say)

08-11-05, 12:03 PM
nothing to do with the fact that i was watching TV. NOTHING AT ALL.

10-11-05, 02:14 AM
diagnosis murder by any chance?

15-11-05, 09:32 PM
\o/ Grats y'all on Drak slaying!

Oh btw, you can thank Sikosh for letting the secret out to where y'all have been hiding!

15-11-05, 09:38 PM

15-11-05, 09:46 PM
Dorf in cow's clothing now...

24-11-05, 07:59 AM
Ah, I remember incognita's first UBRS run. Two epics, this crazy caster necklace which is hard to get better even in MC, don't remember name :shock: Helm of Narv was the other epic. Dragonrider boots (I think they're named that way) and band of rumination. Some more caster stuffs and dragonstalker chest. Never seen that nice loot outside mc/bwl before. btw, I didn't win a single roll xD