View Full Version : Wewt, she is back? DAMN! :)

17-04-06, 06:18 PM
Hallo friends from Fallen Legion! :) Whoever remembers me still, tho :)

Just woluld like to tell u that, after my "conflict" on Nordrassil, your nelf wannabe-tankz0r, rerolled third time :) ya rly, now with mage :) ok ok i know that this will be like "ok why should we care about her and her moves or whatever" but i still think that there are some of you guys that remember me in pretty bright lights :) well, yes, Decoy is still alive, but standing on zero. Since going out from FL i just realised that there is nothing else keeping me on Nordrassil.. because of the people i met there, because of some friends that i made there, but, things that passed... well there is no system restore now right? :) Was thinking about Application but on the other hand i am almost 100% sure that it will be refused, not because of closing of recruitments but because of me, dunno, maybe still some people have wrong picture of Decoy :)

But enough of the past... atm, im in London :) staying there for 6 days and then comming back to Serbia where i can spend rest of my vacation with WoW and some friends :) Unfortunately, i didnt meet any of you guys rl, since all that friendship stopped at the same moment of leaving / kicking :) nvm, i see that you progressed alot, and im sure that you will down C'thun, well im sure that you will be one of the first guys doing that :)

Many Many hugs for you all and i may login sometimes on Nordrassil :) ill never forget those moments with FL...

With love,

17-04-06, 06:33 PM
You are right to assume that there is no point in re-applying at any time.

GL and hope you have fun on your new server.

17-04-06, 06:42 PM
Yeah, better leave that bridge well and truly burnt...

Take care and good luck in finding that same sense of community in your new home, I'm sure you will.