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27-07-06, 08:42 PM
Hello, so like where to start..
My current guild collapsed a few weeks ago and I have been trying to find a new guild on my server, though I am left without any luck - then the paytransfer opened and I thought I would look outisde the box so to say.

In short, I currently play on another server and I am thinking of transfering here.

My main is a lvl 60 rogue with raiding experience upto C'thun, My gear and talents can be found here (http://ctprofiles.net/58220) The name and the server isn't correct tho. =P
I also have an alt that I play on alot, a lvl 60 warlock, I got almost as good raiding experience on him as I got on my rogue. He got alot of +damage and not stats ^_^ It used to be my main but it was just to boring raiding with him so I rerolled to my rogue (this was before my current guild even finnished MC ;P) So I don't have the best gear on him, a few greens "of shadow wrath" :o Mostly because they had more damage then anything else and I didn't want to waste dkp ^^ But I do have 520~ +shadow damage on him.

Anyway enough rambling about that, a little about my self:
I am 18 years old and I live in sweden, my life is more or less gaming, though these last years I have been caught in the even circle of MMORPG and I find it hard to play something else. ^^
It all started with Ultima Online, a fresh free server - lots of fun =) Untill the owners thought it was a nice idea to clear the entire server and upgrade to a newer version of the game, didn't really feal like starting over after 2 years of skill training and item grinding. ;)
So I moved on to Rangarok Online that I played about one and a half year, but I got bored with it because there was more or less no endgame content in it. But I did meet one of my best "online-friends" there and together we moved on to World of Warcraft. I've been an acctive wow Addict sience US open beta ^_^

So enough about me and here is some answers to some questions you might have.

Why this server? Well, I am currently looking on all PvE server to see if I can find some fun and loving endgame raiding guild

Why us? Well, as I said earlier my current guild was upto C'thun and it would just suck to start over with a guild that dont have BWL or even MC on farmstatus >_<
Also in your post "About us" and in "Recruitment" you guys say that you are about raiding and friends and not about just getting epics. Thats what I want, a raiding guild with friends - An MMORPG is nothing without friends.
So there you go, the two things I want in a guild and you guys looks like the best choice.

And what about your characters? Will you bring both or just one, and if so witch one? Well, I will only transfer one of them, as I don't want to leave my friends on my current server - A log on now and then and say hi, do some instance or even pvp with them.
As for witch one.. well I dunno really - depends on what is most needed for you guys, though I would like to have the last pick on it ^^

What about your performance? As my main is a rogue my job is to do damage, topping the damage meters almost everye encounter should be enough to say ;) Though that is the encounters where everyone have the same possibility to do damage. But then again I haven't raided alot after 1.11, so I dunno how mages dps are now.
And my warlock, well I overnuke alot ^_^ Before I rerolled I was on the top of the damage meters, always :) Then my gear got to outofdate for me to keep that spot but I do get among the 10 most damage dealers in a raid.

And how can we trust you just on your word? Would I ever lie? :roll:

Now lets say we did accept you in to our guild, would you ever go back to your old server? Now this question is troubling my mind all the time, as when my guild broke up all my friends joined another one - though I didn't get in as they where full on rogues, and warlocks. If I had a chance to join them again I think I would do so.. thats is also one reason I am only moving on character. So in short, that would depend on how good home I would get here and how much I would miss my friends, can't really give any better response then that.

And for all you "2longdidntreadlol" here is the short version. I am thinking of transfering but before that I need to know I have a fun and loving guild to welcome me ^^

Anyway enough rambling from me, if you have any other questions just post here, I'll be trolling these forums for a few days.

EDIT - Oh yeah, forgot about this :idea: ^^
EDIT2 - Added my real profile

27-07-06, 09:41 PM
Ahoy there! an interesting read! Just a quick note (as we're all in AQ atm) to say you should come make an alt on Nord and come talk to us some, we have a recruit channel called Legionrecruit, if you like what you see then we can talk more :)

Feel free to come catch me, my main these days is Danos :)

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28-07-06, 04:21 AM
though i have no real say in the recruitment process i've never liked transfer based application's, especially from people who dont even post there real name/current server :?

Other then that welcome to the boards :P

28-07-06, 08:47 AM
Don't worry ;) Those things will be told in due time - just don't want to rush things if they don't go to well I can sink back from the hole I cam from and sneek past you guys unnoticed!

Naw anyway, those things will come together with lots of other fussy stuff about me ;P

28-07-06, 08:59 AM
Welcome to forums btw ^^ and hope u had fun in gchat last night!! :?

28-07-06, 04:46 PM
Naw I got mentaly scared for life and I am affraid of returning! ^^
But then again you are as sick and twisted as me so I think we would get along well :o

29-07-06, 07:29 PM
Update - More info, kek

http://ctprofiles.net/58220 - My real profile ^^
http://ctprofiles.net/58340 - My warlocks profile for those that wanted to know.

So, my ingame name is Gron, or Herrgron. Gron is Green is swedish but with an O instead of an Ö - Yes I am a sucker for green, thats why I need the guild chat! Oh and I currently play on draenor.

My real name is Björn, I live in sweden - turned 18 the 24th this month (\o/ yay me)
http://www.doyguild.com/ - My old guilds webside, a bunch of us meet down in Gothenburg a wile ago, was damn fun =)
And yes I am blinking! Had the damn sun in my eyes for like 50 seconds before the nubcameraman could take a picture!

Ask away for more info because I am to tried to think of anything else to add :) Exept that I am a forum troll and as I have registered on this boards I will spam all threads I can find of intrest!