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12-08-06, 09:56 PM
This is just a post about what happened today in Molten Core.

The short version: I completely messed up because I was too stupid to actually read what was in my chat log and took a purple in Molten Core that was still undecided.

The longer version: At Magmadar, a purple belt of medium value dropped. After the usual confusion, it was asked who's interested in it. I was one of a few who were interested. After some further further scrolling through the chat window - not really made better by some tell private tells, I somehow read the item was assigned to me. Most people were leaving Magmadar so I took it, fully convinced I should.

That conviction lasted only for a very short time until the tells came in asking if I'm drunk? Ninjaing some drop in Molten Core! What kind of idiot does that - either go for the good stuff or let it be!

Well, I have to agree with all those friendly people pointing out the error of my ways and the proper etiquette for these kind of situations, and to my defense I don't have a lot to say. I can't event blame being drunk, which would have made things easier to bear. I was simply too stupid to read properly my chat window. Back in elementary school I was tought that words are written next to each other on a line and skipping lines is cheating, so I have no idea how I came to read across the chat window and see things that weren't there.

So before slinking away like a drowned poodle, I wanted to ask if there's any possible way to fix this kind of blunder and get a second chance. It really hurts me, that after coming back from Wow-burnout to a guild with so many reasonable people, to be kicked out on my second day for my own stupidity.

If there's a second chance somewhere, please point me to it and I'd hop in it's direction to find it.

Thank you,

Streitgunde aka Drowned Poodle

13-08-06, 02:07 PM
The problem goes beyond ninja looting some piece of crap from MC sir.

The real issue is that during a trial period, we are not looking for people who can OMGWTFPWNZZOR (our age limits tend to filter those out anyway) , but we are looking for people who can pay attention, understand instructions, and follow them.

And no point did anyone explicitly tell you to loot the item, and there was a clear indication from Heph that a few people were interested. If you draw a wrong conclusion from a simple situation like that, then how can we be confident that you will pay attention and understand tricky encounters like Twin emps or Naxx?