View Full Version : You dirty bastards...

20-08-06, 02:45 PM
...i just dropped by to say hi.

I browse your forums from time to time to check your raid progress and also to see if JeffK have posted in the recruitment thread - its great to read his rejectals of applicants for my children as bedtime stories.

If you ever come visit Oggrimar, please say hi to Slob - or as the rest of the people call me there N00b Ninja.

Please lick Seriva and Vouz from me. Peace.

21-08-06, 11:41 PM
Main Entry: SIV
Pronunciation: "es-"I-'vE
Function: noun
: a lentivirus that causes a disease in monkeys similar to AIDS and that is closely related to HIV-2 of humans called also simian immunodeficiency virus