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07-11-06, 05:17 PM
For AQ40 what gear do you use?

Looking at the 3 peice plate set with NR, is it worth it? How many bosses/trash mobs need NR. I am also getting the +20NR cloak with +15 NR enchant on it, I have the +10/10/10/10 +armor/defence ring from Ony. How much NR should a tank in there have? I also have the +15NR shield from strath but not sure if that is really worth useing over the disk from MC.


07-11-06, 05:37 PM
Hallo :ninja:

Ed rooo?

07-11-06, 05:42 PM
250-315 NR with Aspect of the Wild for Huhuran. Doesn't matter you have to sacrifice lots of stats for it, for Huhuran you need very high NR (from warrior perspective that is). Anything below 200-250 NR is bad.

07-11-06, 05:51 PM
Do you use crafted gear or droped gear?

07-11-06, 05:57 PM
Both. Don't need raid-dropped NR gear (which I obviously use) to get high enough though, good start is:

Ironvine x3, Gaea's Embrace with NR enchant, Heart of Noxxion x2, NR ring x2, Noxxion's Shackles, Cenarion Reservist's Legplates from The Calling (can be with NR enchant), shield & shoulders from strath, quested NR neck from Silithus. That's already over 250 NR buffed.

Obviously, if you do have epic NR gear, you can switch some greens for tank gear, and still have ~300 NR buffed.

07-11-06, 07:12 PM
How do you get a NR enchant on legs?

07-11-06, 07:16 PM
Argent Dawl. LHC, EPL

07-11-06, 07:17 PM
Or wait, is it ZG? With libram of prot/rapidity/focus?

07-11-06, 08:01 PM
AD has the shoulder enchants for a whole +5.

07-11-06, 08:09 PM
ZG it is then.. AD is for +10 SR / FrR enchants

07-11-06, 08:10 PM
ZG has NR enchants

09-11-06, 04:05 PM
Or wait, is it ZG? With libram of prot/rapidity/Docus?

There. Fixed it for ya