View Full Version : Bal'a dash, malanore.

15-11-06, 12:25 AM
Greetings as it says in the title ;)

First of all gratz on all the progress u ladies and Gents have made hope u get Patchie and the eyeball down soon.

What I was wondering though if is Kir made that Signature with the Dreanei himself and if so would u be willing to make me one since I suck heavily in graphic editing on my comp :P and it would be really nice to have a decent signature with my expansion char in it.

Love to u all
and as the blood elf would say


15-11-06, 01:39 AM
Yus I did, though I'm no expert on the subject either (don't even have Photoshop :( and I cheated on the background - nabbed from my beta screenies) buuuuut it depends on what you're meaning.

It takes all of 30 mins to knock up a sig from a set of image files (provided you know what you want to achieve with it) but doing that drae from scratch took at least 40 hours (original is 3500 x 5200 - cut down version submitted to Blizz)... so while I've done quick done-in-one-evening stuff for a couple of guildies I don't tend to do more than that unless for a very good reason.

15-11-06, 02:04 AM
Thanks for the reply Kir off to my m8 I guess and go and nag him so He'll make one for me :)