View Full Version : Just incredible.........LOL

28-11-06, 05:04 PM

28-11-06, 05:47 PM
Kinda fun to watch, but not all that amazing when you see what buffs he has. ;)

Songflower, pots, sharpening stones, onxyia buff, recklessness, retaliation, *cackle*

28-11-06, 06:23 PM
Yeah but fun and nice soundtrack \:D/

28-11-06, 06:50 PM

29-11-06, 05:52 AM
Hmm, Deja Vu that somewhere once. Altho the guy was just using a mongoose or an elixir of giants.

And wtf, a Rank 14 who still does clicky clicky playstyle?!

Thats "at least" more 10/15% damage taken and less damage done in those small fights time period, don't even wanna think about the long fights, or mention PVP fights where his movements are limited and restricted due to mouse clicking skills. Looks like its doable, but it's the first time i see a clicky clicky Rank 14 video :huh:

At least the music was nice.

29-11-06, 07:29 AM
Not that impressive tbh, he doesnt show the 5 mins he spends eating between each fight as he ends up with with fkall.com hp :D .. better to kill a bit slower and move from fight to fight without having to med.

29-11-06, 08:34 AM
Bit longer than that between fights, as he uses recklessness or retal on most of them. ;)

29-11-06, 11:53 AM
Is that Fire Gun/Bow/Whatnot on '1'? o_0

29-11-06, 01:08 PM
I've noticed a lot of otherwise good players have that there in their videos, which surprises me. I usually have it over on = with the other "clicky" buttons. It's not like it's going to be a fight winner. ;)

Maybe they have all their regular buttons bound to qezxc etc or mouse-buttons o.O