View Full Version : WTB Ace of Elementals

02-01-06, 06:51 PM
Want to buy [Ace of Elementals] --> http://wow.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?witem=19268

accepting C.O.D. offers or mail me ingame (Andariel)

04-01-06, 07:26 PM
We could hit the elemental invasion bosses with gusto, pretty decent chance on the ace.

04-01-06, 07:38 PM
pls only not in silithus :lol: :lol: need to farm some essence of air for my 2x +15agi enchants hehehe :twisted:

05-01-06, 06:56 AM
I will help as soon as the server is back online

I am positioned at Avalanchion spawn area and if he is not there fastly going to winterspring for the water princess. Blizzard have raised the drop chance of all kind of aces so I hope to get it before the damn Darkmoon Carnival starts in Mulgore...

Sared hi again and thanks for the help with Baron Charr 2 days ago!