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15-05-07, 01:46 PM

http://www.tech-forums.net/images/icons/icon5.gif nvidia 7800 wont work

i bought one of these and tried putting in my dell dimension 2350. my friend said that the shiny metal part on the bottom looks like it has lines because you cut at the lines if it doesnt fit. so i carefully cut off the bottom so that it fit into 1 of the slot things in my computer. now it doesnt work. did i cut it wrong? id post pics, but no camera. is there anyway i can fix this? thanks for any help.

best reply:
Dell 2350's don't even have an AGP slot. Only PCI slots.

The 7800 is PCI Express only.

The 2350 isn't even worth the price of that card... ROFLMAO!!!
Sorry, you're out of luck!!!

16-05-07, 06:53 AM