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26-05-07, 09:30 PM
Hi alles,

Just thought I'dd drop by my old gang and say hi to the people I shared so many good moments with... I hope that everyone is doing well and that BC is proving to be a nice experience for you all. It feels like forever since I parted with the team to return to Vanuatu and now I find myself working in London...

It seems like FL has continued to make good progress in the game, well done guys \:D/ I've come across bits and pieces of news here and there, but it's nice to see the engine is running full-ball :)

Well... I miss you guys, and I hope to cross paths with you someday perhaps in another game; one can only hope ;)


Former H&A & FL Lv60 Ice Mage

27-05-07, 05:29 AM
BC Suxx! Too much rep to grind, oh so much rep:ninja:

30-05-07, 02:14 PM
hey m8 been some time idd...hows life treating ur back in the UK does this mean back to WOW?

03-06-07, 02:50 PM
I always have nostalgic moments about WoW and I miss the game as much as the people with whome I played for so long but... Being such an addictive game, I cannot allow myself to return. :) I tend to play games like BF2 where I can switch on/off and have unreal times with close friends so any of you are welcome to join me in those ;)

My e-mail is yoricknicholls@hotmail.com if you need to link up for that or anything really.

Ciao Stormy