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31-10-05, 01:16 AM
Following a highly technical distilling of forum postings... what's your guess for the new alliance race?

31-10-05, 04:22 AM
pandaren. because i want it to be :(

31-10-05, 08:41 AM
I was wondering what classes would suit the pandaren.... warriors, priests, hunters. I don't really see them in any other role though.

31-10-05, 05:52 PM
They're no bigger/bulkier than orcs really, people think they're big and fat... but they're kinda lean and mean. They're totally anti magic as a race so no mage/warlock and they have their own belief system which probably wouldn't work with priest/paladin. The only additional one i could see them being is rogue. Which would rock :D

31-10-05, 09:41 PM
i want to play a panda :P

02-11-05, 09:38 PM
love bart simpson! (that's where the topic name is from :))

anyhoooo I voted Draenei as for they're (in my thought) closest relevant to forest trolls, and trolls are already horde... on the contrary, elves are also Alliance, and it seems now "Blood Elves" (former High Elves, guardians of Nordrassil I thought) are now Hordified... soooooo it's kinda itchy

The pandaren thing.. I don't know, could be possible to put an animal just like horde has cows.. but why panda's..

It started as a joke tbfh... first the "pandaren express", something where you could order coffee or pizza or something... and in WC3 there was this tiny territory i once found while harvesting or taking down tree's, my screen flashed and a panda came up there :P

As in for classes, I honestly only see panda's become warrior, priest, druid and hunter. Druid they can't be as for only the night eves taught the Tauren how to do it (yes, I've learned my history :)) so either way, I don't think panda will be an 'exciting' race to be (as for racials maybe summon some coffee and cake \o/ )

08-11-05, 11:33 AM
hmmm well I saw another 'con report that implied that while no clues were forthcoming, it was NOT going to be Pandaren.

I think right now the rank outsiders would be a furbolg or dragonkin offshoot faction, more serious contenders might be a renegade faction from the existing horde, tauren or troll.

Doing an elf/troll swap kinda makes sense.

25-12-05, 10:51 AM
IMHO most probable new alliance race is Furbolgs. BUT as I know Blizzard's habbit they will maybe swap Forest Trolls with blood elves. Pandaren and Darnei are kinda funny and they dont look or even feat in the high halls of SW and IF

Well forest trolls need some remodelling :-)

31-12-05, 03:40 PM
I would guess it would be the Draeni since the expansion is around the dark portal and Draenor aka Outland, and since we have the blood elfs aka high elfs, whom are pretty pissed at the human alliance at the moment for not trusting them with their newfound way of getting magic, it makes sense that they joined the horde. The Scary thought is tho that they are working for Ilidan and his Naga's.

Going back to the Draeni they fit the new alliance race well, since they have a strong hatred against the Orcs the sort of leaders of the horde, they did destroy Draenor, turning it into the Outland. But there has been some mentioning that the Draeni also joined Ilidan in Outland "his hiding place from the Burning Legion" so maybe this new expansion is just a major scheme from Ilidan to learn more from the 2 factions in his quest for power and perhaps to get the Burning Legion off his tail.

Now ask me why i made this post that long cause frankly i dont know :lol:

Kind Regards Elwiana

02-01-06, 06:58 PM
u guys missed the pandarren druid fo sure :D

04-01-06, 05:06 AM
Probably going to be something ugly looking i think..

Horde is getting Elves so Alliance might be getting something that looks like it belongs in the Horde i guess.

04-01-06, 03:10 PM
Draenei -> ugly! and alliance needs it xD but dunno where will be their homeland.... Blasted lands? xD
Blood Elves -> aawwwww <3 beautyful :> Horde needs sum1 to /kiss /hug etc. :>

05-01-06, 06:22 AM
I've got enough to /kiss /hug already when it comes to elves, don't want more! :P

11-01-06, 02:00 AM
Id consider betting my life on Draenei.

11-01-06, 04:15 PM

12-01-06, 10:48 AM
Pandaren for sure :P , they'll probably have classes similar to NE ?

21-01-06, 09:45 AM
lol, i dont even know what Draenei are :oops:
someone explain plz. :D