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21-02-06, 12:41 AM
You guys(and girls ofcourse) might sit there wondering and going "WTF?"

Well let me explain. My name is Gummi, Gummi Kári (Icelandic name. Don´t wear it out) I play(ed) on a US server called Lightnings blade where I play 2x hordies. A rogue and a shammy. Said shammy is in the guild "The Fallen Legion"

So about two weeks ago when my friend FINALLY roped me into playing euro he convinced me to play on Nordrassil. I was running around on my very human warlock when I, out of an old habit typed /who fallen legion. ZING lots of sixties online. Wait.. those aren´t.. wtf? PALADIN?(these were my actual reflexes to seeing this screen)

So I´m glad I rolled on another server with another fallen legion. Cause if you guys are as cool as the other ones. I´m gonna level that whorelock up as fast as I can ONLY to play with you guys =D

21-02-06, 01:18 AM
lol Welcome to the forums :D

Quite a few of us are from the US side, Elune to be more exact, I guess we aren't the only ones fed up with raiding until the sun rises...

and yes you're right, we're very cool indeed :twisted:

21-02-06, 01:25 AM
kir dont talk your not cool

Ror where r u

21-02-06, 09:20 AM
I object to the insinuation that I'm cool. >:|

21-02-06, 07:24 PM
WOOT! I´ll be trying to level up my lock then.

Cya guys in game :D

09-04-06, 09:37 AM
I too object to the insinuation Rorschach's cool.

A lovely endgimp he may be; cool he is not.

Doesn't mean the rest of you guys don't rock, though. :p

09-04-06, 10:30 AM
<<< from Dalaran US :)

19-04-06, 12:56 AM
Man I just HAD to reply to this :D I used to play on the US also.. in that very guild named The Fallen Legion..
IM Arnar.. His best friend.. Gummi´s that is :D
Howdy yall..
So you decided to nic our name ;o..
Love your name.. It is teh pwn
I moved here from my warrior on the US servers
Im currently playing a rogue by this name in game :D Send me a shout if you need a rogue for an.. well ubrs or lbrs or some other stuff :D


P.S. Ror is hot!

This is what my warrior used to be ;D BRAGING RIGHTS:.