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04-11-05, 02:59 AM
Patch 1.9, Expansion Info from BlizzCon

This is going to be a huge patch, it has a lot of content. AQ (Ahn'Qiraj) 20 and 40 man instance look awesome, and there is a TON of loot (200+ items, lots of new epics). The artwork on this stuff is crazy and way over the top. All item art we saw was themed around the bugs and the desert so you get some really nice looking purple/dust colored items/weapons. Some really awesome stuff.

New item mechanic: Resist Cutting. Just as ZG (Zul'Gurub) had a new "spell chance to hit" item mechanic, this patch adds a new mechanic that lets items cut through the resist on the target. Such as "Chance on hit: Reduce the fire resist of the target by 10% for 15 seconds, Stacks up to 3 times". This was put in place to let casters (mages mostly) cut through the fire resist in pvp battle because so many people have great fire resist gear. However, we will see this play out into all the different types of resists and it will have a big impact in PvE. Expect to see this on a LOT of the weapons in ZG.

Tier 2 Skins: Nothing new here, but they *will* have complete new skins for all tier 2 armor, and if you have seen any of it, you know it looks sick.

World Event to unlock AQ: There are 3 parts to unlocking AQ when it comes out. Horde of all levels (10-60) need to complete quests in their main city to gather resources for their side. Once their side has gathered enough resources it will be broadcast to everyone and it will take 5 days for those resources (war supplies) to be sent down to Silithis. There is some uber boss that needs to be killed in Silithis. Not sure if you spawn him via quest, or if he is just standing there. However, once you kill him he drops a sceptre. Once all the resources from both sides are in Silithis, the sceptre holder can go to the gong and hit it to open the doors to AQ (sealed by the Titans long ago). This will start a war that should be awesome to see and take part in. Once the war is over (I'm guessing) we will have access to the entry zone that leads to the 20 man (left side green portal) and the 40 man (right side green portal up the road a bit).

Expansion Pack

At least 5 new spells/abilities for each new class and new tiers of talents for each line, including a new super 41 point talent that should make 31/21 builds not seem as powerful.

I don't remember if this was for 1.9 or Expansion, but Alchemy will be able to make Oils that will give temp bonus to spell casting just like blacksmith can make sharpening stones to give temp bonus to weapon damage.

Also in the expansion Alchemy and Tailoring will have lines of specialization they can go down.

Socketed items will allow players to help be part of the item creation process. The guy that hand crafts the items for WoW explain that for any given item level (not the equip level) and quality, he gives the item a "pool" of points. He then has a formula he uses to figure out how much a stat bonus or resist or other benfit to an item will cost in points. He then goes about spending these points to give the item its properties. However, in the expansion he will not create items that use all their points, instead, he will spend points to purchase "slots" on an item. So as an example, if an item was to have 120 points in its pool, he could spend 80 to put on some base stats to make a "priest" type item, and then spend the rest of the points to give this item 2 slots. Now any priest that got this item could then insert into those slots, items that tailored this item's power to their spec or playstyle. So following that example, the Expansion could have class specific tier sets like we have now, however the items in the sets will have basic stats all players of a specific class would want, but also have some slots. Then a holy priest could come along and tailor the priest set to their holy/int based spec, where as a shadow priest could come along and add more shadow/stamina to suit their play style. This gives us the ability to make any set desireable, so we don't get into the problem we have now where some people say their set doesn't suit them becaues it is too "production spec" or whatever.

Jewlcrafting will be able to make items to go into sockets, but they will also drop off mobs/bosses.

The first zone Hellfire Peninsula, in Outland, will have an "onyxia style" raid boss where you jump in and fight a few guards and then face the boss.

[adapted from www.sk-gaming.com]

Don't think that's all of it though, knowing Blizzard always keeps us touching in the dark. Rather curious about those Tier 2 skins, they must have some designs... Anyone got a link? :?

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My favourite stuff from DAOC was always the Stygia armor, just cause the desert themed stuff was so cool.

Hope Ahn'Qiraj doesn't dissapoint :D

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thanks trusted

alchemy sounds better