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Shivmaster 10-11-13 10:59 PM

Another day, another kill...
Nazgrim HC. 3 hc bosses in 3 days...


Ziekil 11-11-13 06:31 AM

Big grats guys! well done once again!

Btw... anybody else notice on all screenshots, shivs always sideways? lols.

Mandor 11-11-13 07:33 AM

Title or description could probably do with some mention of what we killed - SoO isn't a screenshot paradise :p

Also, I've only ever drunk one Aftershock, and I won't be having any more now :/

Rompompom 11-11-13 08:41 AM

Good job !

Ann 18-11-13 09:32 PM

congrats :) FL still the best!

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