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Happy Birthday Fallen Legion

This Saturday marks the 8th birthday of Fallen Legion.

We would like to thank everyone who has been involved over that time for the contribution that they made to the successes the guild has had over that time and also to perhaps the biggest success of all (?) still being around.

I hope we have (mostly!) lived up to our guild mission "Fallen Legion is an adult-oriented guild that allows people with real life commitments to experience quality, high-end raiding." And I trust that we will be able to do so for some time to come.

Thank you everyone and erm here's to the next 8 years?

On 5th October 2005 a number of people who had played together for a while (and on US WoW) decided to reroll on the newly opened Nordrassil server. With a few minutes Ed, the guild founder, had a baby warrior tank on the server as well as claiming the name "Bank" for our guild bank.

Since that time we have lived through some good times and some more difficult ones

- killed a LOT of bosses,
- had a couple of guild splits, used random alts to help us kill stuff when that happened
- have had more than 2300 people sign up to our website
- had a couple of hundred raiding members - I would love to know how many...and at least 500 applicants
- had 7 years of Ed jokes and macros
- and after that are still going!

You can see most of the old boss kills on the news section if you unhide old posts but here is a selection

Ragnaros - no the original one - 22 January 2006 - 7 warriors and 6 rogues - now that is a "proper" raid

Nefarian - 26 March 2006

C'thun - 28 November 2006

Illidan - 20 January 2008

M'uru - 19 August 2008

New Naxx Immortal 13 MArch 2009

Algalon 28 July 2009

Arthas 22 October 2010 -

Deathwing 11 June 2012

Now all we need to to is fill in the next few

Thanks all
Ashorn - Not enough energy!
Asheyna - obliterate alles
Muad - give me flying back
Monk - tba

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