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Fallen Legion is recruiting for casual raiding in Warlords of Draenor.

Who are we?

Fallen Legion is an adult-oriented guild with a long history on Nordrassil-EU server. The guild was founded on the day Nordrassil originally opened, which was 5th October 2005.

Fallen Legion was originally a semi-hardcore guild and was consistently one of the leading guilds on the server in terms of progress, for the entire period from Vanilla to Cataclysm. Many of our members are ex-hardcore raiders who can't raid on a hardcore schedule anymore due to real life time constraints, but still enjoy raiding casually.

We're currently planning to maintain a casual raiding schedule, two raids a week on average.

Who are we looking for?

Ideally, we're looking for mature people, who are looking for a guild to call home. We're also looking for people who still enjoy raiding and always put in the effort, even if it's on casual schedule.

If you wish to apply, read "HOW TO APPLY?" post.

We'll consider any exceptional applicant regardless of class.

If you have any questions, contact: Ed or Afterglow in game (on Nordrassil).
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