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If you wish to apply, fill out the template below, and send it in a Private Message to Fallen Legion Officers (Ed, Afterglow - use the link).

We will discuss your application in private and contact you.

Please include only your main character in the application title, to make it clear what is your raiding main (example: "Application - Ed - Fury/Prot Warrior").

Note that we do our best to keep application process short, but sometimes it might take few days before we contact you with the decision.

1. Age, sex, location, and a bit about yourself.

2. Do you have a stable internet connection (means no DC problems) and good enough PC to not have major framerate problems in raids?

3. Your main's name, race, class, primary spec and role, and a working armory link. Do you have any alts you play regularly?

4. How active are you in game?

5. Is your character (that we see in the armory) currently optimized for PvE ?

6. What's your raiding experience in WoW ? Please include raiding experience in all expansions you actually raided in.

7. What are your previous guild(s)? Why did you leave? (refrain from posting any offensive comments here) Also, if you are a server transfer, why did you leave your original server?

8. Anything else you'd like to add.
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