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Guild Mission

Fallen Legion is an adult-oriented guild that allows people with real life commitments to experience quality, high-end raiding. We do it without going too hardcore, which is reflected in guild policies (raids max. 3.5hr/day, late 8:30pm start, raiding max. 4 days / week, no enforced attendance, repairs from Guild Bank, and more). At the same time however, we're very far from casual - we play to experience and beat all high-end content the game has to offer, which requires teamwork, dedication, skill, and proper preparation - this will always be the main focus of our guild.

The guild was formed in October 2005, on day 1 of Nordrassil server.

Our Raiding Schedule
Monday - 8:30pm - Midnight.
Tuesday - Day Off.
Wednesday - 8:30pm - Midnight.
Thursday - 8:30pm - Midnight.
Friday - Day Off.
Saturday - Day Off.
Sunday - 8:30pm - Midnight.

Applying to Fallen Legion

We're looking for people who are willing to commit to the Guild. As such you must not be applying to any other Guilds at the time you apply to Fallen Legion. If we see you applying to other guilds with multiple applications, your application with Fallen Legion will be instantly rejected on these grounds. If you think this is unfair, please do not apply.

Another important thing is, we are looking for people who ENJOY playing their class and their spec. If you are going to switch your spec (or even class) to something you don't enjoy, only because we happen to be recruiting that spec/class at the moment, don't do it. If you start playing something you don't enjoy, it will usually become obvious quite fast. This is especially important for tanks and healers. If you do not enjoy tanking / healing, DO NOT RESPEC JUST TO APPLY.

Our basic expectations:
  • Your forum name should be the same as your character name, if possible.
  • You have a clearly defined main and you are happy with it.
  • You enjoy raiding, and accept both good and bad aspects of it.
  • You don't take offence easily.
  • You always strive to improve your character, also outside of raids.
  • You don't treat raid / group spots as a birthright.
  • You're not selfish. You're generally a team player.
  • You're active outside of raid times. Raiding is NOT the sole reason you play WoW.
  • You're not a drama queen or lootwhore.
  • You don't give up. If it takes 200 wipes to kill a new challenging boss, you will be there for all of them.
  • Your attendance is predictable. We do NOT have attendance requirements, but we do expect you to be able to attend at least 3 out of 4 of our raid days (note that our raids start at 8:30pm and end at midnight), and inform us in advance which ones you can't attend.
You can find our application template here:

General Conduct

We expect everyone in the Guild to be mature. This doesn’t mean being a grumpy old fart , this means you need to treat your fellow guild mates with respect at all times. Advice and sharing your opinions is always welcome, but being aggressive about it, isn't good form. Please note that we do expect you to be able to take constructive criticism. Also, please remember that we're a multi-national guild with members from various cultures and with various backgrounds.

Suggestions and help are always welcomed, but "OMG LAL FERAL DRUID YU SUCK" is not what we're looking for. You are also expected to behave well to everyone outside of the Guild. You need to remember that not just the Officers, but every single member is an ambassador for the guild – in game, on these boards, and on any other forum where you choose to post. Bad behaviour on your part will reflect badly on the Guild as a whole, and will be treated very seriously.


If you want to apply just to get loot, turn away now. This is not the guild for you. If you get invited for trial period and we notice loot is the only reason you joined, you WILL be removed from the guild. So, if you don't care about the social aspect of the guild or participating in non-raid activities and only want to join for epics, turn away now and don't waste everyone's time.

Without going too heavily into details, you should always apply the age old principle of need before greed and common sense.

Keep aware of what loot you've already had - not just on the current run, but overall. It could be that you've had several items in short time period, while others got nothing, give a little thought as to whether you should take another drop that someone else could use as well. This especially applies to raid instances and world bosses. Discussion with other class members about drops is also very encouraged.

Of course if no one else needs, it's better that an item is used rather than DE'd.

We are looking for people who are happy for other members when they get loot, instead of griping about it. Greedy people who only care about loot will be removed from the guild.

Improving your character

However, there are two sides of the coin. If you don't care about improving your gear and your character, if you don't do research where you can get possible upgrades to your gear outside of raids, we are not the guild for you either.

Our primary focus is raiding, we enjoy challenging encounters. However, this means everyone who attends these raids, needs to be prepared. Not just by bringing consumables. We expect all our actively raiding members to always strive to improve their gear outside of raids.

Do some research on one of numerous websites (like Wowhead) where you can upgrade your gear - be it drops in 5mans, crafted gear, quest rewards, or something else. Once you know where you can get upgrades from - don't sit sit around in Shattrath all day. Go and try to get them.

Bottom line is: Do not show up to raids without making any kind of effort to improve your gear in every way possible outside of these raids. Nothing will put a "free ride" flag over your head faster than coming to a major 25man raid with crap green in 1 or more slots, 3 weeks in a row. Same thing applies to enchanting and socketing. When you get a major upgrade, go enchant it, and go get gems for it (if it's an item with sockets).

Helping the guild

This should go without saying, but you are also expected to help your guild mates whenever possible. This doesn't mean you have to drop a BG because someone wants to do a 5 man instance, but it does mean if possible, you should try your best to help. Whether or not there is anything in it for you should not be a consideration. Instead of asking yourself "What can Fallen Legion do for me?", ask yourself "What can I do for Fallen Legion"?". Even if 1 person needs something from somewhere, it's still helping the Guild as a whole.

If you only consider helping other guild members with an instance when you can get something out of it yourself, this definitely isn't the kind of attitude we're looking for.

BOE drops and Guild Bank

BOE drops, be they class drops, world drops or anything in between, should be offered to your guildmates, and/or sent to guild bank first. Anyone who takes the opinion of "It's my drop, if I want to AH it, I will. Who are you to tell me what to do with it ?" is in the wrong guild. This has always been one of the absolutely fundamental principles of our guild - if you disagree with it, please do not apply. What goes around comes around, and no money for your epic mount is worth more than seeing a guildmate happy.


In general, we pass on unwanted drops and let enchanters shard them. In return they do Enchants where they can for free. Enchanters should work out between themselves who DE's what. Note: our enchanters do NOT roll for BOP items. Reason for this is simple, lot of our members often automatically pass on drops when it's a low priority item, for whatever reason (alt, offspec, sidegrade, etc.), but they would in fact use the item for something, if no one needs it for primary gear upgrade. Our enchanters usually loot the BOP items from corpse to DE if everyone passed, and if we make sure no one can use it at all.


Our guild is full of smartasses who love to have fun while raiding. All this is part of the fun and not meant in a harmful way. If you make a mistake, you'll hear about it. And then you will hear about it again and again and again. If you can't take a joke, we're not the guild for you. If you are not willing to die repeatedly learning encounters, we're not the guild for you. If you can't learn from your mistakes, we're not the guild for you. If you're the type of person that takes offence easily, we would strongly advise thinking twice before applying.

Please remember, we expect all our members to be able to work as part of a team and be able to take constructive advice and criticism. And as already stated - if you're not a social player and only start talking when it's time to claim loot, we're probably not the guild for you.

During raids, you are expected to listen to the raid leader and pay attention at all times! Different guilds do things different ways, but being knee deep in mobs and having an argument with the raid leader because "WE DADNT DO IT THIS WAY ON MI OLD SEVAR" is not on. If a raid leader gives an instruction, do it first and think about it later – they asked you to do it for a reason. Discussion about strategies is fine, and encouraged - but before, or after the boss fight. NOT DURING. Arguing with raid leader, especially during boss fights, is strongly frowned upon, and will NOT be tolerated. Again, suggestions and discussions are always good, but there is a time and place for them.

The reasoning behind this is that it is better to perfectly execute a flawed plan than to argue endlessly over what constitutes a perfect plan and then execute it poorly. Strategy discussions belong on the message board, not in the raid.

AFKs - we're all human so everyone needs to AFK from time to time but tell the raid if you need to AFK, even if it's for just 2 mins for a bio break. Nothing is more infuriating then pulling something and finding half the raid is AFK unannounced, or having one AFK person wipe the entire raid due to encounter mechanics.

Do not go AFK for long periods of time in general, especially without informing raid leader about it. It's a human thing to have to go AFK sometimes, but if you're AFK more often than not due to RL issues, then you should probably log out and handle these issues instead of raiding.

Do not leave a raid without a word before it's over. If you have to leave early, let the raid leader know in tells. Leaving without a word, especially after wipes, will usually make you look very bad.

When we kill a raid boss, don’t be stupid about it. Even if it’s a Guild first, a server first or a world first, just don’t. Nothing screams “idiot” faster than running around IF or posting on the Nordrassil boards screaming “OMG WE KAILED RAGNAROS!!1!1ONE!ONEONEOENELEVEN!”. That’s not the image we want to convey of the guild. The fact we defeated it as a guild should be enough, and it makes sense to celebrate within the guild. Trolling, bragging, and making stupid comments on public boards, or on public in-game channels, is a fast way to get removed from the Guild.


Again we all have real lives, but if there is a large guild raid please try to attend if possible. This goes back to helping the guild in general and again, not needing something is not a valid reason not to join in with guild activities.

We do not have attendance requirements, and never will. You will never be removed from the guild just because your raid attendance isn't high enough. Keep in mind however, if you choose to stop raiding for extended period of time, we might have to fill your raid spot.

If you've read this fully before applying, please let us know by putting a (: idea : without the spaces) symbol in your application. Following instructions is a basic and important part of raiding - failing this simple one is a bad start .
Ed - Guild Founder and website administrator. Marbozir on YouTube.

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