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Who are we?

Fallen Legion is an adult-oriented guild that allows people with real life commitments to experience quality, high-end raiding. We do it without going too hardcore, which is reflected in guild policies (raids max. 3.5hr/day, late 8:30pm start, no enforced attendance, repairs from Guild Bank, and more). At the same time however, we're very far from casual - we play to experience and beat all high-end content the game has to offer, which requires teamwork, dedication, skill, and proper preparation - this will always be the main focus of our guild.

Guild History

Legion (as we were once known) originally started as a Dark Age of Camelot guild on the Gaheris Co-op server. The guild grew quickly, attracting quality members based on a number of factors such as a strict recruiting policy and constant activity on the server both in the public arena, as well as many guild-only functions.

Legion in DAOC

Legion's ability to dominate the PVE environment while maintaining a large and very active alliance, helped bolster the name and mark it as one of the best guilds on the server. Legion boasted a number of firsts on the server including many of the first level 50's for the various classes, first defeats on a number of encounters, achieving ML10, and more.

After the launch of World of Warcraft, most of us moved and created the Legion Guild again, on the Elune server. We pushed forward and ultimately killed Ragnaros as well as set foot in Blackwing Lair.

Legion in World of Warcraft, Elune

Unfortunately, the Guild split due to a number of factors, and the European player base moved to Nordrassil, the new PvE server. The founding members are made up of gamers who have played together since DAOC (going back 4-5 years if not longer), and we seek to continue the Legion philosophy here.

When choosing a Guild name, because of the split of the old Legion, we decided to tip our hats as a mark of respect of what once was, and took the name Fallen Legion.

What is our aim?

We play to enjoy WoW, and have fun in each other's company, while experiencing the game to the fullest. We enjoy endgame raiding while maintaining healthy social aspect of the guild. If you're looking for a guild that wants to experience all high-end content the game has to offer, while not forgetting about the social aspect and the fact we are all humans, not robots - we are the right place! However, if you're looking for a guild just to get loot and aren't interested in social aspect at all, we probably aren't the right choice. We enjoy the challenge of not only beating the end game content, but more importantly having fun whilst we're doing it.

How do I join?

Please check the Recruitment Status post to see if recruitment is open for your class. If yes, then simply follow the application guidelines!

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